Membership Information

We want our alumnae chapter to be all about friendships, philanthropy, networking, education, leadership, and most importantly, a shared tradition. We meet as a chapter every month and have special interest groups that meet as often as they choose.

This year, our meetings will be a mix of classic events paired with new and fresh ideas.  Be sure to check out our Upcoming Chapter Events page to learn more about what we have planned for the new year!

We take pride in the fact that our chapter is diverse in member interests, ages, and origins, and offer a variety of opportunities for involvement at all levels. We respect that our members’ level of involvement within their alumnae lifetime will vary, and we wish to meet you where you are. There are no required meetings or required "hours" - we will be here when you are ready to jump in! 

We would love to learn more about you. Use our 2021-2022 Membership Form to guide you through paying dues and submitting your information.

If you would like to be a Patron member of our chapter, you are invited to submit a donation via PayPal or a check to our treasurer Heidi Tester for $50 or more. We greatly appreciate any donations and are thankful for your willingness to support our chapter. 

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